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    'Flavour Of The Weak'

    Our brand new video 'Flavour Of The Weak' is available to view on youtube! Click here to view! The track is also available from Amazon! Click here to get your copy now!


    Dir En Grey!

    We are proud to announce we will be supporting Dir En Grey at the London O2 Islington Academy on the 24th May! Click here to order your tickets now!



    The video for 'Nosebleed' is available to view on our Vimeo page! Click here to view!


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    In 2012, Mikee W Goodman (SikTh) decided to go in search of new musical inspiration. The first place on his radar was Japan, somewhere he had a special feeling for, after remembering the many trips he had in 2004.

    "I asked myself, where in the world do I want to be right now? Japan was the first word I heard" Mikee

    After many nights in Tokyo's underground scene, he found vocalist Yuuri B Joux, playing in a band in a backstreet club. Everyone there including Mikee was spellbound by her mesmeric presence and powerful, yet versatile singing style. Instantly he asked her to join him in the studio. From day one they formed a great musical connection, creating something special and unique together.

    "Yuuri is a very special being, like no-one else I've met. I instantly knew that I had to try and write music with her. I thought, with our voices together, there could be so many places we could go musically" - Mikee

    Mikee still wanted to push the boundaries further, and recalling some early experimental collaborations with his friend Kieron Pepper (live drummer for The Prodigy 1997-2007), they decided to use the 'outpatients' template. After sending each other songs and developing them via email. They found the sound developing into something really powerful and exciting.

    "Kieron comes from a very different place musically to myself; but when our styles combine, something really interesting happens. I guess we are both on a similar music road of experimentation" - Mikee

    They tested the songs out on a short UK tour in 2013 and then return to the studio to progress and hone their sound, recording the final touches in 2014.

    The Battle Of Being album. Is scheduled for release this Summer. After a string of Singles.

    Yuuri B Joux - Vocals | Mikee W Goodman - Vocals | Kieron Pepper - Bass/Samples/Keyboards | Charley Olsen - Guitars | Will Romain - Drums