About Critical View

After along time discusing ideas D & Stan from UK metal band Codex Alimentarius decided it was time to make some videos, review their favorite films, music and a host of other things - sometimes just having a laugh and a good chin wag. D & Stan will team up with friends and other video makers to create some fun and informative videos as well as just having a good chin wag about whats going on in the film and music world and anything else that just springs to mind.

Comming Soon!

So over the next month we hope to start uploading videos to start we will be going through the new DC universe (D & Stan are major fan boys of DC) so starting with Man of Steel, Batman Vs Superman & the brand new Suicide Squad. We may also throw in a few extras while we are away at the mighty Bloodstock Festival and anything else inbetween!

So watch this space - here a few things coming up:

  • A new website
  • Youtube videos
  • Friends and Associates
  • Chin wagging
  • And a whole host of randomness